Bruno William is a self-taught creative person, currently working as Visual Designer at Rockstar North, with a passion for Motion Design, CGI, User Interface, 
Screen GraphicsVisual Development, and many other fields.

He grew up being very influenced by music, movies, and games, it did not take too long to cling to technology together with the desire to express himself in different ways
until he started his career as a freelance Designer working from his homeland (Brazil) with different companies around the world.

His involvement in projects ranges from the design of Fictional User Interfaces / Screen Graphics for movies & tv shows, Motion Design, UI art for video games to Concept Design for
real-world / next-gen technologies.

Bruno has had the pleasure of working with studios and companies such as IBM, Intel, Sarofsky, Audi, Perception, Ready At Dawn, Legendary Television, Netflix and more.

It's important to note that most of the work he has done in the past is under a very strict NDA and he's not contractually allowed to share.

Thank you.​​​​​​​

TV Shows & Video Games

Star Citizen — Cloud Imperium Games (TBD)
Squadron 42 — Cloud Imperium Games (TBD)
Snowpiercer TV Show — Netflix / TNT (2020)
Lost In Space TV Show — Legendary Television / Netflix (2018)
Lone Echo VR Game — Ready At Dawn Studios (2017)


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