Bruno William is a Designer with a passion for User Interface, Screen Graphics, 3D, Motion Design, Look Development, Technology and many other fields.

He grew up being very influenced by music, movies, and games, it did not take too long to cling to technology together with the desire to express himself in different ways.

His involvement in projects ranges from the design of Fictional User Interfaces/Screen Graphics for Movies & TV Shows, UI Art for Video Games to Concept Design for real-world/next gen 
Technologies and Commercials.

Bruno is a self-taught and proactive person, he tries to learn and absorb as much experience as possible, always looking for other ways to expand and combine his skill set, either in projects 
for clients or personal projects.​​​​​​​

Clients include: IBM, Intel, Sarofsky, Audi, Perception NYC, Adidas, Ready At Dawn Studios, Legendary Television, Netflix.​​​​​​​